The Studio

Architecture is the art of building - perhaps anything from a city to a chair.

Our studio was established in 1997 by Martin + Frances Steele. We like to craft designs that are simple in concept, crisp + beautiful. We take delight in seeing dreams come to life in built form.

Projects include houses for private clients, community buildings, new church buildings, commercial designs + retail commissions. We work in London, surrounding areas + further afield in the UK on new buildings, contemporary designs for historic buildings + new interiors - all ranging in scale + type.

We believe it is important for a client + an architect to choose each other. We are usually commissioned by recommendation + have worked with clients on successive projects for a number of years.

Our inspiration is to ‘devise artistic designs + work in every craft with ability + intelligence, knowledge and all craftsmanship’
[Ex 31:3].

Architect is a title regulated by statute and the Architects Registration Board.

Architecture sketch 1

Architecture sketch 2